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Friday, February 24, 2012

Changing Habits

Along the theme of "Living with Less" is "Changing Habits."  There's nothing like a temporary international move to assist in reevaluating not only material possessions, but also behaviors.  Yes, we have far fewer things taking up space in our house, but do we choose to keep them organized and neat?  It really shouldn't be a problem, right?

What I have discovered is that, as liberating as it is to shed the majority of our possessions, our habits have trapped us into messes, too.  I recently read an enlightening article about habits here.  And for me the problem isn't simply eight extra pounds (although this post-nursing body needs a workout), it's forming the habit of a neat house, or a better plan for our meals, or enforcing our children's chore chart, or setting my alarm clock, or sticking to that daily rule of prayer.

Since I missed the boat for changing most of these habits on January 1,  I am looking to the beginning  Great Lent as the starting line for forming some better habits (especially that one about the rule of prayer).  As nice as living in a neat house is, it's not an end unto itself.  Self-discipline and an obedient spirit are, for me, but also for my children.

I am praying we can bring them with us when we travel home from Greece, but whew! it won't be easy.

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