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Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear M,

It must be February

Glue, butterfly, stitches: how many ways are we going to fix the same square inch of your forehead?

Good thing you had a haircut this weekend.

And that you have a vigilant guardian angel.

Love you.


Stephanie said...

Oh, poor M! His poor forehead- what a trooper. Sorry our ER visit apparently couldn't compensate for one of his...hope it wasn't too hard for mama and papa :). His hair looked really cute in those superman pictures, btw.

Shannon said...

Aw, poor guy! Hope he's on the mend!

Jessica said...

How did the poor guy hurt himself?

K said...

Oh, no!!! I'm thinking he just wanted you to experience emergency care and stitches overseas, for comparative purposes. Right? I do love the haircut, though. So adorable in the costumes pic.

Jenny said...

Poor little M! Love his heart! What happened? Hope he is doing better!