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Monday, April 2, 2012

Here and There: The Pharmacy

THERE, we have no real reason to visit the pharmacy and speak to the pharmacists unless we have a prescription.  Prescriptions, at least for our family, are available only after a visit to the doctor.(Growing up, my dad always prescribed medicine for illnesses like strep throat.)  Other over the counter drugs are available without any special consultations.

HERE, the pharmacist plays a larger role in diagnosing illnesses, and many things that can only be obtained by prescription in the US are available over the counter.  We have treated impetigo, pink eye and, believe it or not, croup by describing symptoms.  The available drugs are very inexpensive, and so is avoiding the doctor for minor illnesses.  It seems that many pharmacists are trained in homeopathic cures, so often a bottle of drops will be accompanied with advice for natural home remedies.

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