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Monday, April 23, 2012

What we did, day 1

I have actually had a three week break from the blog, although I was intending for the break to last two weeks.  B was out of town (with his computer) for ten days--the week before Holy Week until Holy Tuesday evening.  It was actually the longest stretch of time he has left me by myself with all three children.  I was more than a little nervous, being in Greece and all, but we did just fine; the kids were calm, healthy, and helpful.

Last week, I had hoped to document our Pascha break travels, but discovered that the Wi-Fi promised at each place we stayed was spotty at best.  It was alright.  Though I may not have had the capability of posting, I had more of an opportunity to love on my kiddies.

So, if you don't mind me retracing our steps, I'll share what we did during the week after Pascha.

Monday, we rose as early as our tired bodies would allow and packed up our things.  We left at around 9 or 10 for Delphi.  Knowing our trip would seem long to children who haven't been on a car trip in months, we decided to stop in Livatheia for a picnic lunch.

 There is a lovely spring in Levatheia that runs down a mountain and through the town.  The kids had a great time throwing rocks into it and getting dirty.  After lunch, we hopped back into the car and headed on to Delphi.

If you ever have a chance to travel throughout Europe, we have it on good authority Campsites are the best places to stay.  This little one near Delphi had little cabins with two bedrooms and a kitchen/living area.  The kids loved staying here, despite the lack of other young guests.  Thankfully we remembered a ball so that the kids could play when we weren't sightseeing.  We even came up with a new (to us) game, but I'll write about that later.

We spent the afternoon settling in and playing with our ball.  

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