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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things We'll Miss

I have a feeling that we won't miss many of the things here in Greece until they're unavailable in the US.  That's exactly what happened when we moved here: many things we took for granted in the States became highly sought after prizes.  (Like food coloring.  I can't find it anywhere here.)  Most of the things we ended up missing were conveniences, rather than necessities.  Sort of like the list below.

:: oregano flavored potato chips

:: looking out the window to see which of our friends are at the playground (so we can join them)

:: delicious, inexpensive, abundant, "local," seasonal produce

:: the fact that no one cares about our excessive noise

:: easy-to-clean stone flooring under the kitchen table (but not the sound of breaking glass)

:: seeing at least one acquaintance every time we go to the store

:: walking more

:: running in the house

:: the feeling that we live in a real neighborhood

:: hearing Greek being spoken all of the time

:: living a simpler life

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