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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A February Sweater for a December Baby

I have committed to a year without new yarn.

There is a huge stash of yarn sitting on our shelves, just waiting to be made up into something spectacular. (Most of it is teeny-tiny, skinny yarn, so I'm expecting it to take forever.)  So far I've done a great job restraining my yarn purchases--I haven't made any in the 2012 calendar year.  It wasn't that difficult when we were in Athens, but beautiful yarn is far more available in the US.

Despite the large amount of yardage on the shelves, I don't have enough of any one weight (except teeny-tiny skinny) or any harmonious colors to make up sweaters for our three children.  I basically have small amounts of everything, enough for lots of baby sweaters.

With that in mind, I recently used two skeins of yarn that I bought when Z was a wee babe for this:

It's a modified February Baby Sweater, and it's for our fourth baby.  That's right.  Number four.  Who will hopefully be arriving sometime in December. (Which sort of explains my blogging absences this spring and more recently.)

I'm aware that this sweater is blue.  We won't find out the gender until this baby makes an appearance, which always drives me crazy (especially during the last few weeks of pregnancy).  I'm hoping that the blue is sweet enough to work with a girl or boy.  It needs a few buttons, but those will be sewn on in the hospital.

p.s.  Just for the record, my money is on boy.

p.p.s. Also for the record, I am 1 for 3.  M is the only child whose gender I correctly predicted.

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