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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

One of the things that I take for granted is the proximity of our house to hiking trails: there are miles and miles just a two minute walk from our house, and there are miles and miles just a two minute drive away.  In any direction.   

We visit at least one trail for a hike each week, sometimes one every day, when the weather is nice.

 It's amazing to me how we can just disappear into the woods, for hours at a time.  

T and I took our first walk just a few days after we returned from Athens. 
I remember sighing to myself and saying, "This.  This is what I missed the most."

Sometimes our hikers need a little pep talk, but usually we have willing participants.

I love watching T follow in M's strides. 

 M is usually yards ahead of the rest of us, scoping out the best sticks with which to hit things.

Or spotting a new bird in the branches above.

Or just being still.

(T kept asking, "Me in a picture?"  How can I refuse that face?)

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