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Friday, March 1, 2013

Finished Friday

My Grandma Betty, had she lived to her 89th birthday, would have had 12 great-grandchildren, and eleven of those under the age of 10.  Two of my cousins are due in the next few months, one with a boy and one with a girl.  I am thrilled to have an excuse to use some girly fabric to make a gift for the girl.  (I'm excited to be using some new fabric for the boy, too.  More about that later.)

I made these pants again, but this time I used three fabrics: floral lawn, geometric blue and white, and a lovely solid lavender/grey.

I was especially geeked to make bias tape to bind the hems of the pants.  I love the color it adds.

As with learning to knit, I am trying to master a new skill with each project.  For these pants, I was very careful to match the blue squares.  They're not perfect, but that's part of the process, I suppose.

The size is 18 mos., although generous enough to fit a 35-lb. two-and-a-half year old.
(T was kind enough to model for me.)

The tag, as a final touch.  Sorry.  I adore making tags, and can't resist including pictures.

And I'm really, really almost finished with B's vest.  

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