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Friday, March 8, 2013

Finished Friday

The title for this week is a bit of a misnomer, because these items were "finished" quite a while back.  They simply needed things like buttons or a little appliqué.

First up is a sweater that I meant for G had he been a girl.  It's loosely based upon the Lucille cardigan that I knit for a friend's daughter last year.

 I enjoyed making it so much that I tried to shake things up a bit with worsted weight yarn.  The color was actually a light green over-dyed with blue. 

  I love the emerald green result, which is much lovelier in person.  Despite my tinkering with the color in iPhoto, the uploaded pictures don't really do the yarn justice.

I added the buttons last night, and will gift this to one of B's cousins, who is expecting her first baby soon.

And G was such a lovely model, wasn't he?

And, at long last, a mother-daughter collaboration.

The pattern is the medium skirt from Sewing School.  Believe it or not, this skirt was completed way back in September.  Z worked to iron the fabric, cut out the pattern, and help me use the machine to sew it together.  We thought a bit of embellishment was in order, and Z labored for months over a flower.  

When she was halfway finished, she decided that she didn't like the flower.  Sadly the embroidery and then the ripping out left a couple of holes.  Mama to the rescue!  I covered the holes with the kite, and added the tail.  Z deemed it wearable, and has worn little else this week.  We're both so proud of her work!

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