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Monday, May 6, 2013

Month 5: Abundance

I was fretting the other night about how we were going to provide for our family next year without that new job for B.  In my head, I know that God always provides for us, but staring at the sum in our bank account as I'm paying bills always sets off those butterflies in my stomach.  As I fell asleep, still trying to settle those jitters, I apologized profusely and asked that God might give me a sign as He did for Gideon.  

When I woke up, I had forgotten my prayer.  However, in the night two enormous boxes of food had appeared on our kitchen counter.   When B woke, he told me that our church Yiayia had given him both boxes, in addition to 4 dozen eggs (from her own hens).  Then I remembered my prayer.  Goodness!  What an answer--our most basic needs met, and then some.  Our fridge and freezer are bursting, and so is my heart.  

When I look back on our Lent, I see the many, many ways in which we have been provided for, and it is this abundance that overshadows all else.  Our only response can be a profound gratitude.  

I...am learning how to be thankful.

B...is surprised that he still has a voice!  He spent most of the last week chanting all of our services. He'll spend the next couple of days recovering.

Z...baked a delicious chocolate cake all by herself last week.  I am trying, trying hard, to let her have the reins when she wants them.  

M...turned 7 on Lazarus Saturday, and was able to serve as an altar boy for the first time on Palm Sunday.  He got plenty of practice during Holy Week.  He is usually the first boy to don the commodious robes and sits patiently until one of the big boys arrives to take charge.  Like me, he needs something to do to keep himself out of mischief.  

T...Oh, T.  We will do just about anything to hear his belly laugh.  

G...He's going places, this one.  He's started inching along like an inchworm, and there is a tooth on the horizon.  What happened to my little one?

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