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Friday, July 19, 2013

Follow All Road Signs

The past week has been a detour from our summer busy-ness.  All of the kids caught a nasty virus, which brought our plans to a standstill.  Instead of golf camp, we had bedrest; instead of schoolwork, we took naps; and instead of swim practice and meets, we had doctors' appointments.  Thankfully we're on the road to recovery.  The littles are sleeping better, although now B and I have scratchy throats and achy joints.

M reading to a sick T

There are many reasons to be grateful for this unpleasant phase of our summer.  It was a "forced quit" from which we had to reboot.  We have been quietly re-establishing our family rhythm, making time for reading aloud and games.  Despite all of the events we didn't get to attend, hopefully we'll be feeling spiffy when we go on vacation soon.  And really, that's more important to all of us.

 Homeschooling is a learning experience, and I'm learning that our family needs a bit of respite from school in the summer.  We need a chance to miss school and look forward to beginning it again in late August.  My year round school experiment this summer was well intentioned, but we won't be doing it again next summer.

And that's ok.

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