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Monday, October 7, 2013

Month 10: Freefall

What was it about September and G's tenth month?  It felt like we were home for all of three minutes, and in that time we managed to pull everything out of our closets and strew it in all the wrong places.  My "to do" lists have been growing, and there's not been any visible progress on the items at the top.  Or so it seems.   It truly feels nice to be busy, but I'd rather be busy at home than driving, filling time between activities, and planning for meals eaten while we're gone.

I'm ready for a wee break, which has been scheduled for right about now.  It appears I know myself well enough to plan in May, when I am most excited about homeschool, for some at-home, not-doing-homeschool days in October.

B...has been away for twelve hours every weekday in the last month.  I can't complain--he comes home in the evening, and he and I have a few minutes to spend together before he falls asleep on the couch.  This is just a new schedule for us, and will take just a little getting used to.  I marvel at God's wisdom, keeping B close to home last year, when we were all in need of rest.

I...have a Christmas craft list that's longer than my arm.  I am thrilled to be working on most of these projects, and glad that I'm under the delusion they'll all be finished in time to be under the tree.

Z...is a natural at golf?  Who knew!  Golf is certainly not on my radar, and wasn't until a homeschooling friend suggested this free golf program.  Z loves it. Loves it.

M...has been cooperating with T very well this month.  They still have their moments, but the more I praise him, the kinder he is.  Hmmm....

T...moved into a big boy bed--well, a toddler bed it the only kind that fits into our space.  He doesn't seem to mind, and can be found curled up in it whenever he wants to feel cozy.

G...has an insatiable curiosity and desire to move.  He reminds me of a cat I once had.  G's curiosity can get him into trouble, and lead to all kinds of forehead bruises.  He's walking three and four steps at a time, but needs to refine his technique.  His favorite thing to do is lunge at whatever he'd like to get to, fall face down on the floor, roll over, and repeat.

Check out those blue-green eyes!  I think they're here to stay.  What do you think?

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