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It’s Orthodox Christian Holy Week this week; we're lagging just a week behind the Western Chrstians.  These particular days aren’t typically known for their swaths of spare time, but I’ve had children fall sick in domino fashion since Saturday, so I have a little more time to knit and read.

My sister asked me to make a μαντήλι for her wedding, which was to be in late July.  Yarn was ordered, far more than needed, and two different types.  Patterns were researched and discussed, tried and rejected. Finally one was chosen and knitting commenced...and then a change of plans.  Due to some scheduling conflicts, the wedding was moved to early May; it’s hard to get 150 people to have the same free spots on their calendars!  I’m fairly certain six weeks (now four!) isn’t enough time to finish this shawl, but I’m knitting as quickly as I can. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Another project I am working on I like to call “Patience.”  It’s a sock yarn square blanket, one that will need umpteen tiny, two inch squares.  Each square is simple to knit, so it’s my knitting-while-distracted project.  I knit while teaching, reading, waiting, just about any time that requires me to be patient.  There are a lot of those moments around here: I finish about three squares each day!  I had no direction when I started it, other than to incorporate all of the fingering weight yarn I’ve ever used, and some mini skeins I've purchased as souvenirs during my travels.  Random scrap arrangements don’t really appeal to me, but then neither does a really planned out look.  I love to look at quilting blogs, and was inspired by this scrap quilt. Sort of a planned randomness, which is perfect.

I just devoured Teaching From Rest, which gave me quite a bit to think about and work toward.  It definitely merits a second reading.  I’m working my way through Home Education, and moving much more slowly, digesting and reflecting on it.  This morning I read the bit about air circulation in the home and how the blood circulates in the body.  Some ideas are quaint and old-fashioned, and a little funny even!  Others, like the benefit of fresh air and sunshine, are never outdated.


  1. I am hoping for a finished shawl. A wedding shawl is such a beautiful thing to have :)

  2. That's a beautiful shawl pattern. I like to knit lace, too, but yours looks very complicated. I hope you can finish it for the wedding. It will be a wonderful gift.

  3. Thank you! I hope so, too. The lace isn’t complicate(most of the decreases are k2tog),, but keeping track of where I am in the pattern takes some attentive knitting.


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