a little christmas making

Since we're all back to our normal activities this year, I really made an effort for the teacher Christmas treats.  I'm trying to keep a running list that I can use from year to year.  This year I'm working on three projects:

homemade nutella 

calendula (and rosemary) infused hand salve (that's my oil steeping above)

essential oil infused candles (waiting for the beeswax)

I used these sweet (free) labels from Lia Griffith.  I've used them for years, actually! I don't buy the stickers to print on; I just print them on cardstock and affix with glue or glue dots.  So easy and budget-friendly.  The jars are from Amazon, and were reasonable as far as I can tell.  I'd read about glass jar shortages, amongst many other shortages, so I was pretty surprised that they were less than $1 per jar. (The hazelnuts, though!  Spendy under normal circumstances, more so right now.)

In other news, my Christmas socks are flying off the needles.  There are about ten more rows until I start the heels.  If I keep up this pace they'll be on my feet long before Christmas, so I can devote some more time to the other must-finish-before-more-yarn items on my list.  

Keeping me company while I work on laundry and other chores in the evening are several Vlogmases.  Here's a little list of links to my favorites:

Nicole at The Gentle Knitter (my favorite podcast, hands down!)

Sherrie at Ollie and Bella

Amber at A Lovely Yarn

Laura at Penrose Knits

Sandy at By the Lakeside (Hers was the first Vlogmas I ever watched, several years ago now.)

Kay at Crazy Sock Lady

I am quite busy during the week, and often get "behind" on videos.  It's been such a delight to catch up  when I can, like I did early this morning before the children awoke.

p.s.  We're awaiting all sorts of Christmas gifts and news from my daughter's first choice college in the mail.  So much excitement (and anxiety for me)!


  1. So so lovely! God bless you all this Christmas 🎄🧦🎁🙏

  2. Thank you for sharing the homemade gifts and labels! I may make some of those. I have olive oil infused calendula that I made a few months ago I've been using it more as my hands need it.

    1. My pleasure! Doesn't the calendula make the oil smell heavenly?


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