a magnificent week, in numbers

all the milkweed in bloom, filling a corner of the backyard with the smell of honey and sweetness

eleven at the table in that fancy restaurant, talking and laughing and celebrating and savoring an exquisite meal

ten minutes, to my parents' hotel and back

nine hours (and a little more), my in-laws traveled from Knoxville to our house

eight (million) camp forms to organize

seven of us at the track banquet, six clapping as one received an award

six of us remaining when the grandparents departed, one set taking T with them

five of us in the arena and five more at home, watching a thousand seniors receive diplomas

four skeins of heavenly yarn

three people scrambling to pack for international travel

two glorious birthdays

one graduation



  1. So great you had your parents and in-laws visit for her graduation! I feel so much love when reading this!

    1. It was such a blessing to have people we love so much all together!


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