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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Poor, part 21

May I just say(again) that Charles Dickens my favorite author?  B is definitely sick of hearing me extoll the virtues of his writing, and we have definitely had some heated "Kazantzakis v. Dickens" discussions.  Does it go without saying that one of us is an Hellenophile and the right one other is an Anglophile?

Bleak House is the source of my latest outpouring of enthusiasm for Dickens.  B overheard my guffaws and my gasps as I read it (but I sobbed over it alone on one of the nights last week when he was working late).   If you have time to watch the BBC version of the book, I recommend it.  

 I got the book for free through iBook, my go-to for reading material while we're living in Greece.  Definitely not the same as real paper between my fingers, but fabulous for obtaining reading material in English.  Also, books that are no longer protected by copyright law are available for free! (Yet another reason to like Dickens over Kazantzakis.)

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K said...

You know, I've never read _Bleak House_. How is that possible? When will I be able to rectify that? Hmmm...