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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nesting? Panicking?

This week and last have been a flurry of forehead slaps and gasps.  There's nothing like the last couple of weeks of pregnancy to draw attention to all of the baby supplies we're missing.   And most of them are silly things, like baby socks and tiny baby hats.  Apparently all of my previous children have been blissfully barefoot and bareheaded until six months of age, because I can find neither a tiny sock or a tiny baby hat in the house.  Thankfully I have lots of yarn, and baby items take very little time to knit.

Also, the boppy we purchased when Z was a newborn needed some attention.  After all, three other babies have spit-up, leaked diaper matter, or otherwise wreaked havoc on it.  I don't know why I didn't think to protect it more and earlier, but I am finally wise.  I purchased a waterproof cover, and then followed this pattern and tutorial to make my own "attractive" and washable cover.  I used a knit fabric that I purchased a few years (for $1!) so that I could practice sewing with knits on something that didn't require fussy sizing and adjusting.  The whole effort was quite easy, although my fabric stretched a little, resulting in a cover that is a little too big.  I can definitely see myself making another (and another and another) using woven fabric, and perhaps a different kind of zipper.

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