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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Book Poor Revived

I love posting about books--hey, we own scads and read even more.  My intention is to make this a weekly thing, but we'll see.

Here's what the big kids have been reading lately.  I have been collecting this formerly-out-of-print series for the past few years.  Whenever I see a volume or two at an antique shop, I pick one or two to buy.  I read a few in elementary school, but I have mostly been a sucker for the covers.  Aren't they great?  Kitschy and colorful.

At any rate, this family of sleuths has provided no end of entertainment for my big kids.  I love that there's a pre-pubescent arch-nemesis (Joey Brill) whose worst crimes include knocking over and breaking plates, and "driving" the Hollisters' car.

I said formerly-out-of-print because up until two years ago they were. Thanks to Amazon's CreateSpace Independent publishing platform, the family of the author is reissuing all 33 of the Happy Hollisters books.

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