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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Month 2: Learning Curve

If the first month of G's life was filled with "settling in," the second has been a learning curve.  My learning curve.  I had so much wonderful help in December and the beginning of January that I liken the time to a honeymoon.  Now that we're back into the rhythm of our days I'm relearning how to exit the house with an infant and toddler: what to pack in the diaper bag and just how early we have to start getting ready to be on time.  Whew!

B is working harder than ever to crank out his dissertation.  And chant at our parish.  And teach Greek lessons.  And be a good father.  Whew! for him, too.

Z has slipped into the helpful older sister role without much fanfare, but, oh my, is she ever a help!  She managed to get a very stubborn T safely from the car to the grocery store this afternoon, something that I couldn't have accomplished without tantrums.

M is enjoying more freedom than ever before.  In addition to a little girl who lives across the street, he has found playmates in our neighbors-across-the-hall.  There are two boys living there, and they have Nerf battles outside on the weekends.

T is going through a trifecta of transition.  He has given up naps and his pacifier, and is working on the whole potty-training ordeal.  (I use the word "ordeal" because today was a particularly trying one.)  Nana and Papa, T got the full dose of the hammerhead gene, and LOUDLY protests if anyone tries to help him do just about anything.  Sadly whatever he wants to do most by himself, like drive the car, is either beyond his ability or against the law.

Lastly, there's G.  G, with the super sensitive Mama-dar, looks like he's going to be as active as his big brother M.

In crafting news, I am jeeeeest about finished with B's vest.  There's some fabulous new yarn on my shelves motivating me.

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