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Friday, September 9, 2016

Gentle September

This school year has begun so peacefully, so gently.  The weather cooled last week, and the humidity abated so we were free to intersperse outdoor time and lessons.  A friend, and holder of a PhD in Education, asked me this summer what my philosophy and curriculum were like.  Had we tried many things?  Yes, we have, I answered, but after several years of living this homeschool life, the "school" boils down to two things: reading good books and being outside.  (I think I shocked her!)

I spent the summer reading and organizing and rethinking our space.  The best decision I made was to move our school "room" into the sunroom off our kitchen.  It's where we spend the most time anyway.  I got a small Ikea table for the boys to share with me so that I can facilitate their lessons, and there's a couch and love seat so we can read comfortably.  The room is always bright, and come the dark winter days, we'll have plenty of natural light.

On Labor Day we went on our first family hike in, gosh, I don't know long.  The jewelweed and thin sunflowers were in bloom along our path, and the river below the dam was low. Little M sent us into fits of laughter as she tried to keep up with everyone. Her fluffy hair bounces as much as she does when she runs!  The children and I have been going on and on about all of the bald eagles we'd seen at this spot in the past, but Fr. G only saw one when he was with us.  November is supposed to be the very best time for spotting eagles here.  They return from their summers up north and fish below the dam then, so we'll have to plan another outing with the whole family for a cool November day.

With the reprieve of the heat and humidity last week, I've craved hot tea.  (Although I'm savoring my last afternoon frappés.)  Really, I just love seasons and the way they change.  I could never decide which is my favorite!

Our three boys have finally found a game they can all play: Old Maid.  Who'd have thought that Old Maid could lead to such hooting and hollering? 

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