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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Long Yarn: June 2018 Yarn Along

My sister’s wedding has come and gone, and I’m still plugging away at her veil.  It’s a delight to knit, really!  I fear I have not much staying power, though.  My ideal projects lie somewhere between the 400 to 800 yard range, and this one is over 1200 yards, so I feel like The Little Engine That Could every time I pick it up.  I noticed a tea splotch on part of it, and in washing that bit, I got a little glimpse of the finished, blocked product.    Ahhh.  It will be heaven to count this as a finished object, when it has been a work in progress for so long.

My Arwen sweater us still coming along, too.  I ripped back to where I cast on the underarm stitches because the body had too much positive ease for my frame.  I re-cast on 4 stitches at each underarm, rather than 22 (!), and the fit flatters much better.  It still has quite a bit of positive ease, so I will be able to layer it over some of my favorite long sleeved shirts when the weather cools.  The picture really washes out the lovely olive-y gold-y green of the yarn.

But!  I’m really hoping to finish these two projects soon so I can move on to making my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding gift, another giant project.  Ha.  I chose this blanket pattern from Purl Soho, to be knit in Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter.  As soon as color cards arrive, I can make my color choices.  (I also took the opportunity to order a color card for BT’s new Peerie!)  I really love knitting gifts, and I take quite a bit of time selecting just the right patterns and yarns for the people I love.  One of the perks is getting to try different brands, patterns, and colorways that I might not choose for myself.  I can’t wait to cast on!

Reading this month has been primarily focused on my oldest’s high school list, chock full of Revolutionary War primary sources, but I did order Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom for a book group.  I randomly opened a page and found the profoundly simple, yet surprisingly difficult to comprehend, thoughts, pictured below.

(Today marks the first of the last three hundred and sixty five days I can say I’m in my thirties!)

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Karen said...

Happy birthday! Such beautiful work, on both the veil and the sweater. When I have a project that is slogging along, I find that putting a stitch marker on the row I start for a night allows me to see progress actually WAS made by the end of the evening! Good luck with your finishing. :) Karen