four down, one to go

It was a challenge to choose the fabric for this quilt.  G wanted green; I thought solid green fabric might be too plain for his taste.  But I didn't want any colors or prints that I'd grow to despise before I'd even finished the thing, that being my experience with every other quilt I've made for my kids.  In the end, I chose a pre-cut bundle from Fabricworm and Kona Cotton in the color natural (I think?).  It's a very soothing palette.  The photo at the top comes closest to capturing the true fabric colors.  The binding is some brown and white polka dot fabric from Joann or Hobby Lobby, and the back is more of that Anna Maria Horner sealing wax fabric in peridot.  I hand-quilted it with brown Sashiko thread (incidentally ordering way, way more than I required).  

It's the Charming Nine pattern, which is a free one from the Sharon Holland website.  The finished size measures smaller than a twin quilt, but larger than a throw.  It'll be a good layer for G's bed or to drag around the house. That he grabbed it from the dryer and wrapped himself in it bodes well, too.  It's folded away, waiting for the morning of our G's tenth birthday.  He and I can't wait!

I've already started day-dreaming about Little M's tenth birthday quilt.  It's a rather involved pattern, so a head start is a must!


  1. It's lovely in those simple colors!

  2. I was just thinking about what a treat it is when I see you've written a new post. Thank you for the peeks into your life :) - Elise


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