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Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Poor, part 3

We like books.  We have lots of books.  So many, in fact, we decided not to pack them away when we relocated.  We didn't even bring any kids' books to Athens.  We knew we would buy books in Greece.  Lots and lots of books.

B has been itching to buy Le Petit Nicolas in Greek for a while.  (Are you noticing a theme of Greek translations of Goscinny?)  This is a read-aloud, and the kids love to listen to all of the scrapes Nicolas gets into.

 Sempé's whimsical illustrations capture the essence of the Nicolas' adventures.  Or at least they seem to, as I don't really understand the Greek.  

 Since I hear the kids hooting when B is reading to them before bed, I can assume it's safe to recommend to friends.  (In English, of course!)

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Stephanie said...

Looks intriguing! :)
Also, is that Z's Christmas sweater? So pretty! Well, the sleeves anyway.....;)