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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 4: A Drive and Something New

On this day, two weeks ago, we drove from Delphi to Olympia.  If ever there was a drive to make us carsick, it was the stretch from Itea to Nafpaktos.  We had to stop about halfway through so everyone's heads could stop spinning.  We lunched in Nafpaktos, where the wind was so strong that poor T had trouble walking.  Thankfully we found a quiet, wind-reduced square where our food didn't fly out of our hands.  After Nafpaktos, we had a short drive to a pretty cool bridge, and paid an exorbitant toll to cross it.

After the bridge and Patras our trip got interesting, because my intrepid husband plotted our course through the mountains of the western Peloponnese rather than around them.  To say it was the more beautiful than Sicily would be an understatement.  Firstly, it was so green, a color that I hadn't associated with this part of Greece before.  Secondly, we didn't pass a single car for at least 50 km--clearly a sign that we were on the right road.

We made it to Olympia only because my husband speaks fluent Greek, although the mountains an unpleasant place to be lost.  And really, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

Except for this.

We thought it was pretty awesome that M taught himself to ride a bike in about five minutes.  He borrowed that set of wheels from our hotel's owner's son.  It was definitely the highlight of the day for him.

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