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I set myself monthly project goals this year, which has been helping me stay focused on finishing some long-lingering projects.  I finally bound off those Christmas socks in early January, just in time for Old Calendar Christmas.  They are the warmest, best fitting socks I own. Yarn is this, pattern is my own with the heel modified from this pattern.   I have been darning like mad over here and hope that the time spent on the slip stitch panel heel will eliminate time spent on that odious chore, darn it!

On a recent snow day, I finished the quilting and binding for my a whole-cloth quilt throw, inspired by this pattern.  We like to cuddle on the couch here, while reading or watching, and our throws are looking a bit ratty.  I have two other quilt ideas knocking around in my head, but where to find fabric to match my incredibly specific vision?  I dither and dither...

On the project goals this month: finish Z's hat and the Kiiruna shawl.


  1. I love both of these projects! The simplicity of the whole-cloth quilt is just perfect. And your sock pattern is so lovely, especially with that yarn. This is a delightfully cozy post -- woolly socks, plus that throw, sounds just wonderful. :-) Congrats on your success!


    PS -- I need to learn how to darn! Two homemade pairs of socks have developed holes in the past few weeks. Eek.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Darning socks *can* be enjoyable, and people like Flora Collingwood-Norris have turned it into an art form. I just seem to be doing more of it than actual knitting these days!

    2. I was going to ask about the heel, looks different from most patterns, do let us know if it lasts longer! I've been crocheting. My husband is looking into getting sheep and we'd process the wool to hopefully use. So much research into the breeds and their hair length and curliness...

    3. Oh, my! You and your family are living the dream! I can't wait to read about your sheep herding journey.


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