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Monday, October 3, 2011

για τίς απεργίες

B wanted to be able to walk to work if the mass-transit unions went on strike, so he found a place to live close to his work.  So far our choice has proved a good one; B legged it at least three times last week.  There are a couple of websites to check for the strike schedules (especially this one and this one), which we highly recommend to visitors.  One caveat: one website is in Greek and Google translate doesn't work.  However, the important strikes to watch for are ΜΕΤΡΟ (Metro), ΕΘΕΛ (buses), ΤΑΞΙ (taxis), and ΗΛΠΑΠ (trolleys).

A story:

As new residents in Athens, we just accepted the sporadic trash pick-up as part of Athenian city living.  We thought that the trash came once each week--a little stinky in the heat, but normal, right?  When NINE days passed, I took a picture of the dumpster outside our front door.

Again, we thought this was normal.  Maybe we had misunderstood the trash cycle?  Who were we, Athenian newbies, to judge?  The trash truck arrived the same night I took the above picture and carted off every last scrap you see.  Since then, the glorious whirring sound and flashing lights of a garbage truck float through our doors nightly--even on the weekends!  As we learned, there was a strike of the garbage workers.  How naive we were!

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