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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Poor, part 1

We like books.  We have lots of books.  So many, in fact, we decided not to pack them away when we relocated.  We didn't even bring any kids' books to Athens.  We knew we would buy books in Greece.  Lots and lots of books.

 Our first book purchase was of an Asterix and Obelix.  We have since gotten no fewer than five, all loved and looked at for hours.  They can be found at the Greek version of a newsstand, called a periptero.*

Obelix and Co. is the latest addition to our collection.  I haven't read any of them--they're in Greek--but everyone else seems to like them.  Comic books are helpful in teaching a different language, right?

In Greek, the semi-colon functions in the same way that a question mark does in English.  When M looks at our Asterix books, he says "Huh?" every time he sees a semi-colon.  It's especially funny to hear him "reading" this way when I am in a different room.

*In Greece, the peripteros are usually open when most other stores aren't, and sell, in addition to periodicals, snacks and beverages.  They can be found every few yards along the larger streets.  

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Stephanie said...

I remember trying to read those in French class :). What smart kiddos you are breeding! And where is that lovely floor? So fun!