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Friday, January 13, 2012

Here and There: Chivalry

THERE, politeness and manners exist, but quietly.  People hold doors open for others and use civil greetings, but I've never noticed that one group or another receives special treatment.  No matter how long the line is in the Post Office, no matter how many wild children I have in tow, I have to wait my turn.

HERE, chivalry is not dead.  The elderly, infirm, and women with children receive special treatment.  I get pushed to the front of long lines, whether at the post office or the grocery store.  People give up their seats on the bus or metro, and seem genuinely upset if I do not take them.  Elderly gentlemen seem especially eager to proffer their seats and spots in line.  I try not to take advantage too often; T can be very patient, especially when I'm wearing him.  Still, I love how there's still something sacred about mothers with small babes and the elderly.

I love that my sons are seeing how to treat others with respect.  Whether it sinks in is another story.

*Again, the picture has no bearing on my post.  The sun has returned and melted all of the snow on the mountain, which meant that we had a great time playing outside for the first time in a week!