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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Positive Peer Pressure

Once again, the image has nothing to do with the post.  This is M in one of the costumes he made at school before Apokreas.  He loves his teacher and all her ideas.

This weekend we had to opportunity to spend the night at another family's house.  When I say opportunity, I suppose I mean that we were blessed to receive some hospitality rather than make a long journey home late at night.  We stayed for a very important reason, as you, dear reader, will see.  This family made a pointed effort to gather all the children before bedtime and, while standing in a small chapel in their home, have evening prayers.  What's more, the children were excited to take part in the prayers.  

The excitement definitely made an impact on our own children.

We have attempted, off and on, for years to institute something like this prayer time with our family.  What B or I would start (with gusto) would be thwarted by a tantrum, or whining, or both.  Wishing it were so won't make me suddenly able to pray while holding a screaming child.  It's just not a part of my spiritual armor(yet).

So, when our children were quiet and still as we took part in another family's nightly routine, B and I shared a pointed look.  And when we returned home, B asked me very quietly, "Should we capitalize upon the spiritual high?" 

Yes, please.

For the past three nights, our big kids have enjoyed family prayer time.  I'm not going to make any long-term predictions, but hope that this is an encouragement to others who have experienced the same frustrations.  Oh, these habits are a-changin'.

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