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Monday, May 14, 2012

O-lym-pi, O-lym-pi, O-lym-pi-ah-ke!

The first question boys ask each other here (and I'm sure most of the rest of the world), is "What's your team?"  For a little boy who moved here without any inkling about soccer teams, M caught on pretty quickly.  His team, along with most of the boys in his Kindergarten class, is Olympiacos.  And not only has he learned about all of the soccer teams here, he's also learned all of the things you shout at the players while you're watching a game(including some of the more choice phrases).  It helps that there's a pick-up soccer game at the playground whenever there's a ball and more than one boy.  M has played more soccer in the past ten months than in his previous five years.

M's Christmas present from us was to go to a real soccer game, at the Olympiacos Stadium down in Piraeus.  It was a bit of a hassle, but fairly inexpensive, and it made M's year.

p.s.  Can you sing this?  M can.

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