T and I went to the Farmer's Market this morning, like we do every Thursday morning.  Once again I was astounded at the fresh and "local" produce available, and for such low prices.  I'm pretty boring with my selection.  There are lots of lovely wild greens and fruits like persimmons available that I don't purchase.  (I'd like to think it's because I know my children well, and foods they don't like go to waste.)

 Here's what we snagged today for €15, which is about $19.50 USD.  Can you guess which T likes best?

2 tomatoes from Crete

4 kilos of potatoes

celery, wild and leafy

carrots, bent and straight

purple broccoli, for a little adventure

lemons and clementines from Argos
(a side note: our last haul of clementines only lasted 4 days)

six bananas from Ecuador

 apples, Gala 

 pears, from Tyrnavo

a dozen eggs, so fresh the yolks are orange

Are your mouths watering yet, Nana and Papa?

p.s. These eggs were only €0,10 each.  We're looking forward to frying some with you in a little bit!


  1. Love, LOVE that cute little hand reaching out for the clementines! And wow, such a bounty!


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