Preparation for Christmas?

On the blogs that I normally read, there's a sense of pre-Christmas madness.  Tables groan under the weight of Christmas crafts and dozens of varieties of gourmet cookies.  Discussions about gifts and gadgets abound.  Trees sparkle, the halls are decked, and soft light displays perfectly laid tables.  Mailboxes are stuffed with boxes and hand-addressed envelopes containing Christmas cards.

I love the pre-Christmas craziness, and I am so glad to have a break from it.

B and I are reveling in how calm we both feel.  If you were to visit us now and take a walk through our neighborhood, you just might not realize that it's Christmas.  Things in our part of Athens aren't over-the-top.  Stores didn't put out their holiday wares until a couple of weeks ago, and although I see people rushing about with poinsettias, there's still such a sense of peace everywhere.  At least, that's my perception.

From our family to yours, peace and joy for the Nativity of Christ.
See you in a few days!


  1. That's so wonderful! It's truly hard to simply _wait_ for Christmas when it's in your face all the time! The exercise is worthwhile for me, but oh, how I'd love the chance to have a supportive culture while I'm at it. Enjoy! And may peace continue to be within your home.


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