From the Archives: August 6, 2011

While Z was helping Opie put up a bird feeder this August, she ripped the hem of one of her favorite dresses.  It had been getting shorter on her as the summer progressed, so cutting off the torn part and re-hemming the dress wasn't really an option.  I decided to add a color block to the bottom of the dress, not because I am in any way fashionable(and honestly most of the color blocks I see remind me of a hideous color block shirt I had in middle school), but because I was hoping to extend the life of the dress.  Z's growth tends toward the upward, rather than the outward, so maybe she'll get one more summer out of it?

Finding the right fabric was a little more difficult than I had expected.  I was hoping to find a polka dot fabric to match the red-orange or lavender dots on the fabric.  No such luck.  And seeing as we were about to move across the Atlantic, I didn't have the luxury of waiting around for the perfect fabric.

So I scrapped that idea and looked for plain, old white fabric.  There's a pink undertone to the white parts of the dress, so I went through bolts and bolts of white fabric at JoAnn's until I found the right white.  Who knew that white could come in so many shades?

It's still not exactly the same color white, but it'll do.


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