One of those days.

We all have them, don't we?

§§   The ones that start the night before with the howling Baby, and carry into the wee hours of the         morning with the same howling Babe?

§§  When the Mama wakes up, hears the steady downpour, and wonders if caffeine and prayer will be enough to get through the day?

§§  The ones that see the older Son with the day off from school, and loudly singing the same five lines of The Sun Song on repeat?

§§  Or those that see the Daughter alternately in hysterical rages and giggling uncontrollably, but consistently bouncing around the house like a pinball?

§§  Those days when the Baby doesn't nap, although the Mama knows he's very tired because he keeps falling?        

§§  The ones that see the Mama doing things that she isn't proud of (like losing her temper) because she's so tired, and her ears are ringing from the singing and fighting, and her head is spinning from the Daughter's mood swings?

§§   The ones when the Mama hopes that the neighbors can't hear as much of their noise as she fears, and "Oh no!  We're going to be late to the Christmas Pageant"?

§§   Those days when the dirty dishes mock from the sink, and the rain teases at the windows, and the Mama prays this prayer, wondering what tomorrow will bring?

The weather says there's 0% chance of rain. 

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


  1. Ah, from across an ocean, I can relate. Here's to days without rain.

  2. Rachel I checked on the Sun Song..
    love the "Yo Ho is Hot, the Sun is not.." I know why Max loved it!



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