Photos, or it didn't happen.

My brother is fond of saying that.

While I agree to a certain extent, I am more of the "written, or it didn't happen" mindset.  I don't have a Pinterest board for this reason, among others.  So when I saw this journaltattered and nestled in a basket of pretty yarn, I thought I needed it so that I could, you know, write everything down.  After hemming and hawing for two weeks, I bought it.  Or so I thought.  A few weeks later, it hadn't arrived, and Amazon notified me that I hadn't actually purchased it.  It was a sign that I didn't really need  it, but I still loved the idea of a journal with different sections for all of the ideas that pop into my head in the middle of the night.  So I made one with a notebook I already had.

Here's how:

Get a notebook.  I love the squared variety.  The cover isn't covered prettily--yet.  All in good time, friends. (Athens isn't exactly brimming with things like this, and to be honest, I'm not looking that hard for them.) For now a Sharpie and school label are great.

 Excuse the smudge where I wrote my real name instead of "pleximama." 

My notebook has four twelve-page sections, but your notebook could have any number.  Just divide the number of pages by how many sections you'd like.  To make the tabs even, measure the side of the notebook, divide that number by the number of sections, and draw tabs. Using a scissors, I cut out the excess paper at each tab, but an Exacto knife might give more crisp edges. Easy! I chose verbs as labels for each section and wrote them on the tabs(Rocket science, right?). 

 For now, this style of journal is working fabulously for my scattered thoughts.  Ah! well do I remember the days of ten-page essays in my journal. Maybe again someday...

(And guess what?  My mother-in-law brought the journal I didn't purchase with her when she arrived the other night.  It had been ordered after all!  Isn't it beautiful?  Perfect for a gift, and I know just the recipient.)


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