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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Η γιαγιά μας η καλή...

έχει ραπτομηχανή.  (Our good grandmother has a sewing machine.)

There's an antique treadle sewing machine in our apartment, and our kind landlord suggested that I try it out.  It took a few trials to get the rhythm of the treadle just right, but I managed to sew a few seams in some scrap cloth.  Both kids cheered as we collectively figured it out.
 I don't know that I'll be sewing up those Burdastyle patterns on it anytime soon.  I am a little nervous about relying upon this machine for a whole garment, and I'm none too sure how it will handle curves.  I am very proud, though that the chicken in me had the courage to give it a go!


Stephanie said...

That is awesome! I have total confidence that you could whip up those clothes.

(and Z's hair in the background- I think it's twice as long as we've ever seen it! :) Does she like it?)

pleximama said...

Thanks for your confidence! We're all letting ourselves get wild and wooly here--Z loves her long hair.