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Friday, December 9, 2011

On the Cheap, part deux

I finally have pictures of the other walls in the kids' room to share.  The decorations were a collaboration, with the kids doing the bulk of the paper tearing and mama doing most of the glueing.  Z is very pleased, but I think that M prefers more masculine decor.  Someday, little man, someday. 

The rainbow was very simple to make, and totally free.  Z and M had fun searching through my rescued-from-the-trash magazine to find bits of every color, and they loved ripping the pages into tiny shreds.  I won't comment on the mess that ensued, but sometimes a messy, peaceful house is worth more than a clean one filled with sibling strife.

We discovered this old map of Greece just lying around the apartment.  I wasn't sure how to hang it up--we don't want to leave any permanent damage behind.  Well, any more damage than absolutely necessary.

I settled upon string(also found in a drawer of the apartment), and clothespins (purchased, because we have a compulsive clothespin breaker).

For the final wall, I had an idea to do something like this. Seeing nothing similar in the stores here, and not wanting to bite off more sewing than I could chew, I settled for what you see below.

The kids are much happier with a gallery to display their precious artwork.  Note the full-sized superhero designed by M.

Finally, along the lines of leaving our apartment the way we found it, B purchased a hinge for the missing closet door.

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